Contract Hire

Support Services & International Mobility

Immigration services & support

Travel & Logistic

Health & Medical Cover

Our solution for companies is to provide 100% support, from A to Z, on every aspect of the mobilization’s of your Workforce and Manpower needs. We arrange for him our EMC Talent employment contract and fully organize his mission.

Our team will put at your disposition a wilde range of services including outsourced employment, mobilization, HR, immigration, relocation and consulting.

Before Mobilization

  • Immigration Services & Support
  • Travel & Logistic
  • Health & Medical Cover

Each country has its own set of rules and regulations for expatriate workforce, with several layers of processes in place for obtaining work permits and visas.
At EMC Talent, we ensures that the candidate has full clarity and support on: 

  • Personnal & Family Visas
  • Work permits
  • All other immigration processes

We coordinate any direct and connecting flights, including booking, transit services to and from airports and/or dockyards for offshore deployment. We advise on the best accommodations possible and we help your employees to find their new home. Working abroad even in exotic countries should remain smooth and simple.
At EMC Talent, we ensures that the candidate has full clarity and support on: 

  • Flight tickets and Airport Transfers
  • Medevac and security information
  • 24-hour emergency assistance
  • Relocation Services
  • Seafarers Certificate Renewals (Seamans Books)
  • Safety Offshore Training Bookings (BOSIET/HUET/FOET etc)

At EMC Talent, providing high quality health care and insurance is not negotiable! All of our employees and contractors are covered from Day 1. 
Our approach to offer operational excellence comes from our deep knowledge of the industries we serve. It helps our clients to reduce the company’s risk of litigation further ensuring that the workplace is accident free:

  • Medicals Visits
  • Insurance
  • 24-hour emergency assistance

First Step on your mission

  • Country/Cultural Support
  • Housing Orientation

At EMC Talent, we follows a thorough process of informing the candidate about the city and country of his assignment. The candidate is given a full brief on do’s and don’ts of the country :

  • Cultural Aspects
  • Country’s Laws
  • Language Training

At EMC Talent, our team will help our employees to hit the ground running, working with them to find the right place to live.