Territory Manager

Territory Manager

Terms and conditions

Minimum Requirement


  • Business Degree and 3 years experience gained in a petrochemical, production or business environment,
  • Understanding of TSA Network and supporting functions business models and processes,

Professional Qualifications/Required Experience:

As the Territory Manager you handle day-to-day operations at silos in your area:

  • You manage the commercial aspects of contracts with dealers
  • Conduct the implementation of all new dealers (new dealer or transfer)
  • Handle the end of dealer contracts/operations
  • Recover receivables and collect unpaid Invoices
  • Systematically draw up a visit report on SALSA
  • Spend at least 70% of your time at service stations
  • Ensure compliance with the terms of the contract in the field of maintenance (Who does what?)
  • Ensure information feedback in the field of maintenance to the department concerned

Training and Courses:



  • English
  • French is a plus

Main Responsibilities

As the Territory Manager, you take part in managing human resources and positions In the Young Dealer stations:

  • You assist in recruiting dealers, if necessary with the help of a dedicated team and / or trainer
  • Applie the promotion policy in the YD model
  • Make sure station staff attends compulsory training sessions (HACCP, Firefighting…)
  • Coach dealers and give them one-on-one advice
  • Assist in developing, coaching and mentoring new sales staff to promote a positive working environment which will attract and retain skilled staff

As the Territory Manager you monitor performance Indicators for your portfolio and provide visibility for your management:

  • You monitor the level of GMVC by site and correct any negative deviation from expected / budgeted GMVC
  • Analyse the contribution account (NCA) monthly for each of your points of sale
  • Report all deviations, anomalies or booking errors to management control in order to correct the report
  • Conduct a gap analysis between the NCA and the budget for which you are responsible
  • Analyse fuel sales for each of your stations on a daily basis (weekly at least)
  • Provide the back-office and management with all the information needed to unblock the orders
  • Analyse diversification sales on a monthly basis (shop, carwash, bay and food)
  • Discuss performance in each of your stations with your N+1 or during a BR, at least twice a year

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