Senior Officer Recruitment & Planning

Senior Officer - Recruitment & Planning

Terms and conditions

Minimum Requirement


  • Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management or Business Administration
  • Experience in HR Recruitment function: 3 to 5 years

Professional Qualifications/Required Experience:
  • Sound understanding of HR concepts like Performance Management System
  • Expert in Employee Evaluation and Feedback mechanism, Employee Behaviour, and Training Programs
  • Computer operating skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Advanced English

Training and Courses:



  • English
  • French is a plus

Main Responsibilities

  • Prepare a recruitment plan based on budgets submitted by departmental/ functional managers
  • Fill budgeted vacancies based on the recruitment plan
  • Utilize sourcing channels to source and advertise for vacancies
  • Screen and refer applicants for job openings, administer pre-employment tests, check references and conduct initial end final interview
  • Post job vacancy internally or externally throughout appropriate channels
  • Insure following the recruitment policy and support functional managers in conducting all phases of recruitment, selection, and staffing in the terminal
  • Assess shortage and surpluses of human resources and recommend transfers from or to other departments
  • Coordinate on behalf of the company in dealing with local or international recruitment agencies
  • Conduct exit interviews for resigning employees
  • Ensure that information about recruitments is communicated to employee relation team with all required documents for updating in the system
  • Track recruitment and attrition rates and ascertain reasons for the same. Estimate cost of hiring and communicate to managers the significance of employee retention
  • Suggest areas of improvement to the recruitment process
  • Develop a pool of talent qualified candidates for budgeted hiring and future hiring
  • Prepare and do onboarding process

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