Pipeline operator

Pipeline operator

Terms and conditions

Minimum Requirement


  • Candidates available in UAE with driving license will be preferred for this role
  • Minimum of 15 years of Gas Plant or Pipeline experience
  • Degree, Diploma – Mechanical Engineering or equivalent is preferable

Professional Qualifications/Required Experience:
  • Comprehensive understanding of gas plant design, controls, maintenance and operations.
  • Comprehensive understanding of onshore pipeline, block valve stations, pigging operations and pipeline right of way controls.
  • Computer literate – Microsoft Excel and Word.
  • Strong safety leadership and supervisory skills.
  • Excellent teamwork, communication, leadership, organisational and planning skills
  • Self-starter able to work with minimal supervision.
  • Capable of working with a wide range of outside agencies

Training and Courses:



  • English

Main Responsibilities

1. Ensure compliance to HSE objectives.

  • a) Ensure that all activities in area of control comply with HSE standards and procedures.
  • b) Actively participate in the safety behavior program; Stop, Talk, Agree, Review (STAR) and empowered to stop the job in case of unsafe behavior.
  • c) Report any safety event, near miss and/or incident in detail and support its investigation.
  • d) Participate actively and provide inputs to Operations Safety meetings, Desktop Emergency scenarios, Emergency Exercises and Drills.
  • e) Comply with HSE Procedures, Operations Procedures and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
  • f) Perform Emergency functions by taking actions to avoid escalation of emergency events and support emergency response.
  • g) Undertake all minimum required Emergency and Safety Training.
  • h) Support and satisfy the policies, goals, efforts, and programs of company HSE Management System.

2. Carryout day-to-day Pipeline operations safely and efficiently.

  • a) Carry out daily operator routine as prescribed by Senior Pipeline Engineer.
  • b) Maintain Pipeline Log of all events occurring in the specific pipeline and its related facilities and equipment.
  • c) Carry out gas in, venting, nitrogen purging activities in a safe and effective manner and in accordance with operating procedures and within design limits and established operating parameters as and when required.
  • d) Ensure approval is in place before any deviations to standard operations procedure [SOP], Operating Procedure and/or HSE Procedures are executed.
  • e) Liaise with Margham Operations and Gas Control Station (GCS) control room for the required changes in the pipeline network line up and valve operations.
  • f) Maintain Long Term Isolation Register, Bypass Register and Keys Cabinets for Locked Open / Locked Closed Keys.
  • g) Collect and organise sampling and laboratory analysis on variety of samples as and when required.
  • h) Ensure housekeeping of pipeline and related facilities and equipment at all times.
  • i) Conduct first line troubleshooting in case of valve operations as and when required and escalate in a timely manner if not successful.
  • j) Survey pipeline and related facilities and equipment during rounds for any anomalies and external mechanical and corrosion damages. Report all Anomalies and Material Corrosion Damage Report (MCDR) in the e-Integrity Reporting System.
  • k) Prepare Pipeline Handover Certificate for project / engineering modification. Ensure all works complies with Permit and supervise work to ensure control of work.
  • l) Witness post project modification pipeline hydro-test and ensure records are maintained and the pipeline log.
  • m) Facilitate other departments to carry out work scope and inspections activities inside Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), Dubai Natural Gas Company Limited (DUGAS), Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA) and other pipeline facilities.
  • n) Adhere to safety and security requirements of 3rd party such as DEWA, DUGAS, EGA and other pipeline facilities when working inside their facilities.

3. Perform pipeline integrity assurance inspection and repairs to ensure pipeline and related equipment integrity for safe operation and to avoid business disruption.

  • a) Carry out Pipeline In-Line Inspection’s (ILI), Cathodic protection (CP) surveys, Coating inspection and repair, Non-destructive testing and leak survey as per the annual integrity inspection program.
  • b) Perform valve servicing and repair as required. Raise Oracle Work Request if valve fails to operate after servicing.
  • c) Carry out pipeline repair / remedial works as required.
  • d) Supervise contractor and ensure works are in accordance to Permit To Work (PTW) and company procedures.

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