Permanent Hire

Identify Your Long-Term Talent To Grow In Your Company

At EMC Talent, our recruiters boast several years of industry experience, with many of them coming from engineering background, backed by field experience that helps them understand our client’s needs. We have specialised teams to handle every aspect of your recruitment needs, from vetting the resumes to their filling the position.

Permanent Recruitment

Candidates work directly for the end client, on their payroll and receiving their benefits, with EMC Talent receiving a very competitive one-off fee for the placement

Mass Recruitment Campaings

The process takes anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the seniority of the positions, notice periods and scarcity of the skillset.

Our industry specific account managers use their deep knowledge and expertise to ensure we find technically skilled, qualified and experienced engineers and consultants. We are able to fill positions from junior, mid-level, managerial and senior directorial roles. With a distinctive database of 70,000 global professionals, which is updated regularly by our team, we have an edge to turnaround a short list of appropriate candidates within 24 working hours. Our referral network further supports our operations to find the best talent and recruit the finest in the industry.

Outsourcing recruitment and staffing needs help our clients reduce their operating costs and concentrate on their core business.