Mining & Metallurgy

Mining & Metallurgy

The mining industry is the economic sector that groups mining Exploration & Activities. It includes the extraction of minerals, rare earths and metals such as copper, iron or gold.

The mining industry is highly volatile as it is dependant on the fluctuating prices of minerals and commodities, yet accounts for many of the largest projects across the globe.

As part of our ambition to become a Manpower Supplier Leader within the industry, we strive to increase our foot print in Madagascar, Guinea, Nigeria and South Africa by providing specialists recruitment services to international projects.

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Our Mining & Metallurgy Offers

Our team will be your specialized talent acquisition service provider and a key player in supporting and finding skilled and qualified people to employ across the entire value chain of the Mining industry.

Our consultants are subject matter experts ready to help you in your quest to find the right candidates for your activities from the early phase of development till production.

Mining & Metallurgy opportunities