Defense & Aerospace

Defense & Aerospace

EMC Talent continues to deal with few major in the Defense industry.. It has deployed industry experts that have worked in areas of military operations or integrated technology devices in the defense industry.

The Defense industry is evolving and there is need to increase security across the world that is threatened by political unrest. The defense industry has to stay ahead of the game so is utilising the latest technologies in its manufacturing. This is making way for new skill sets and talent to work in the industry.

Why Choosing EMC Talent

Our consultants are subject matter experts to help you in your search to fill the many positions.

Our Main Project

NAVAL GROUP - Military Fleet Operations (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)

Saudi Arabian Military Industries (SAMI), the kingdom’s state defence company, made the announcement at the IDEX military exhibition in Abu Dhabi, a showcase event for its close ally the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The agreement includes building warships and frigates in Saudi Arabia – among the top five defence spenders in the world – through a majority SAMI-owned joint venture with the French firm

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